Vizio has become famous through its affordable TV sets, including a few 4K models and considering remote controls aren’t mainstream anymore, they’re relying on tablets for that task. Their M Series products come with an Android controller and the E Series with affordable 4K.


The M Series relies on a 6 inch Android tablet remote, that runs the company’s SmartCast app and also brings support for Google Cast streaming from other devices inside the house. Prices for the 4K lineup start at $850 for a 50 incher and go up to $4000 for an 80 inch model. Of course the tablets that come with the TVs are pretty barebones, so don’t expect to be doing video editing on them or something like that.

The Smartcast tablet remote has a wireless charging dock, comes with Android Lollipop and brings Google Play Store, so you can download all the apps you want. Vudu and Hulu are also in the mix. Of course, a variety of media controls are available from the same slate and possibly game projection to the TV too.