After announcing the AMD powered Windows 8, Full HD tablet PC and another Tegra 4 10-inch device, Vizio announced today its own version of the Nexus 7 with a stock Google experience.


The 7-inch tablet device announced by Vizio today at CES will be on the market competing against Google’s Nexus 7. It offers a similar hardware configuration, with a Tegra 3 chip on board and 16 GB of internal storage. On the front there is a 1.2 MP camera and the 7-inch display offers a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.


Vizio’s 7-inch tablet comes with a stock version of Android Jelly Bean (4.1.1 though it will be updated to 4.2). The device will be primarily designed for readers, be it on the web or eBooks, therefor it is designed to be held in a portrait orientation. On the outside it resembles the Nook HD slate, offering a similar feel. At the moment the device was presented just as a prototype so any info regarding pricing and availability is yet unknown.