People who have been praising Apple for a long time know that one of the best things about their products is that they don’t get viruses… or at least not as often as Windows machines. Now security analysts have found a pair of Trojans on some computers of the Pro-Tibetan NGOs. The malware infiltrates Macs using the same exploit that worked for them on Windows.

Security analysts at Alien Vault found the Trojans, that reach the Mac computers by posing as innocent Word documents. Once you open those, the trojan is activated and sends the infected machines user, domain name to a remote server and established a backdoor access for the attacker. Information stealing is the purpose here, in the case of this APT-style attack. The C&C portion of the Trojans communicates with a server in China and it appears intended to attack the organization that based its work on OS X machines.

This could even spill into iOS apparently, but hopefully the trojan will be identified properly and destroyed in time. APT for Mac is not new, remember that, but the thing here is that hackers figured out that organizations use Macs rather than PCs, so their smart move was actually releasing the Mac version of the Trojan. Imagine if an iOS trojan went on a rampage through a Word file…

  • 1stkorean

    “Imagine if an iOS trojan went on a rampage through a Word file…”

    It is going to happen it is only a matter of time.  Since OS is a lesser OS, Mac OS X 10.6 at 2.79% and Mac OS X 10.7 there is not the damage to be done there as there is with the better OS like Windows.  Here are Windows numbers.  As of march 2012 Worldwide Windows usage is Windows NT (0.12%), Windows 2000 (0.16%), Windows XP has actually gained more 1.47% in March, Windows 7 with 37.54%, and Windows 8 CP 0.11%.