Intel intends to enter the lower end tablet market through a model called StoryBook, that’s intended for emerging markets and will adopt the same sales model as the Classmate PC. StoryBook tablet PC comes with a 10 inch panel and Intel’s Medfield platform.

The device will rely on a dual operating system and target market such as China and Brazil. The Classmate PC project has been in operation for about 5 years and many emerging countries benefited from that program. Meanwhile, the StoryBook tablet PC will hit the market in the second half of 2012 and Intel also said that they hope to push the product into retail channels with a price of less than $299. Notebook maker Elitegroup Computer Systems, that has worked with Intel before, especially on the Classmate PC will take care of the new slate and manufacture the StoryBook.

China-based Malata, that we’re familiar with, since they made the Allview tablets sold in Romania will also be part of this project, receiving orders for the new device. I wonder if the slate will run Android as part of that dual OS setup… possibly together with Win 7/Win 8.