One of the initiatives on Kickstarter that involve a tablet is TREWGrip Mobile, that is basically a handheld typing device and air mouse for handsets and tablets, smart TVs and even desktops. It’s not exactly a keyboard, but let’s learn more after the break.


With 28 days to go, the project is set up to reach a goal of $100,000. The device is a rear type unit, with tactile keyboard keys for typing on the back side. The QWERTY layout is split and rotated, so the hands that grip the TREWGrip can also do multi finger text entry. By keeping the QWERTY key layout, typists can transfer their typing skills from the standard keyboard to TREWGrip.

There’s also a system of visual cues on the front side, that helps users locate the typing keys on the back easily using hand-eye coordination. Once you press a typing key, there corresponding indicator key at the front is illuminated. The curved shape of the device has more to do with functionality than design and the handgrips are removable.

The TREWGrip Mobile dock will also support smartphones and mini tablets and the docking takes place with the aid of a suction mount and Bluetooth connection. Interested by this product?