Wacom has usually been involved with phablets or tablets only through software or various technologies and the tablets they do offer are for professionals rather than the general public. There’s now a rumor that we may get to see an Android slate from them on August and there’s even a video teaser below.


By the way, Android is not set in stone, so it may end up being a Windows tablet. There’s no specs mentioned in the video and all we see are already existing Wacom products, including the graphics tablets Cintiq and styluses used to draw on the screen of the iPad. Interestingly enough, Wacom even has a contest in place, with the new “Mobile Dream Tablet” as the prize.

The way to get in on that is to offer $200 for a Kickstarter campaign for an animation film called Art Story. Wacom doesn’t guarantee you a tablet, but you’ll become one of the favourites to get it, if you do spend the $200. The objective is to reach $350k. Will Wacom be able to deliver where others couldn’t?