Toshiba ended the first month of Spring with reorganization, as they announced a restructuring of their PC business, with a more clear division between laptops, PCs and tablets. They aim to focus on Tecra and Portege brands for business users and slates will go under the Dynapad and Portege brands.


The company made a big decision, making up its mind to stop selling PCs outside of Japan and focus on corporate and business computers from now on. The PC segment has been reduced by 1300 staff members and multiple operation sites have been closed. The company will provide high performance notebooks under the Tecra brand, while ultraslim laptops will be sold under the Portege brand and tablets and 2 in 1 models will carry the Portege and DynaPad names.


The B2B market will be the focus of these models and prices will be premium too. I guess Satellite models will be gone, as well as lower cost consumer PCs and laptops. It would appear that Toshiba will also stop selling Chromebooks, from what we understood. Toshiba hasn’t exactly been prolific in the cheaper or even midrange tablet area, so they won’t change very much their approach in the tablet market, maintaining a direction that’s more enterprise-oriented.

Still, it will be hard to compete with Lenovo’s best products in the same market. Ruggedness may be the key… or simply solid builds.