When the first reviews of the iPad Pro came up, the 12 inch unit was described as the ideal companion tool for designers who have already invested thousands of dollars into gear and couldn’t wait to get one more gadget. Apps like Astropad prove that the iPad may become a great companion for design and drawing.


The Astropad 2.0 app arrived this week, as a free update for people who bough the first version of the app and it brings fresh features, functioning improvements and better software compatibility. The UI has also changed a bit and the app is able to run 3 times faster thanks to “massively reduced pixelization”. Astropad 2.0 uses 3 times less CPU and 4 times less memory, which is excellent news for iPad users.

A refined pressure curved has been included, with hand tuning done by artists, in order to achieve a more natural drawing feel. Finally, there’s support for panning and zooming gestures in a variety of programs, like Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Art Rage, Clip Studio Paint, Lightroom and more. Astropad is available at $29.99 on the App Store and turns the iPad into an excellent Mac graphics tablet, obviously with support for Apple Pencil.