Microsoft’s big BUILD 2016 event is taking place these days and with it came a few announcements, such as the one of new extensions for the Edge browser. As you probably know already, the browser has received extension support with the latest Windows 10 preview build that came two weeks ago.


The new Edge extensions supported by Edge are Pinterest, AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, LastPass, Amazon Assistant, Evernote and Page Analyzer. Originally, when the preview build came there were only three extensions (Reddit Enhancement Suite, Microsoft Translator and Mouse Gestures) and now there are 10. Still, this isn’t even close to impressive and there’s a long way to get to the many adds ons available in Chrome.


Of course, developers are able to port extensions from Chrome to this platform without a problem. These aren’t like the add-ons from Internet Explorer and the Edge extension platform is based on web technologies. We expect Edge and its new features to be fully available this summer with the Windows 10 Anniversary update.