We’re getting closer and closer to the year end and this means that the time of the flagships is done, especially for phones, while tablets may give us a main model or two. The likes of Apple will even launch two flagship tablets, while ASUS and Samsung also have goodies prepared. Today we’re making a list and maybe Santa is checking it twice…


5) Surface Mini

Since the Surface RT tablet and Surface Pro weren’t big sellers and the second gen will probably end in the same bin, the Surface Mini is the sole chance of the Surface brand to survive. There’s not much intel on this product, but if rumors are real, then we may see it in 2014, early at CES or MWC. Microsoft has just launched two Surface units, so they would have to wait a bit. The Surface Mini would have to a 7 or 8 incher with a Snapdragon 800 or Bay Trail CPU, if I were to choose. Windows RT 8.1 should be on board and maybe, just maybe some Kinect Mobile… fingers crossed!


4) ASUS Nexus 10

This product has leaked quite a bit lately, with people hoping to see it launched at the middle of this month together with the Nexus 5. After Samsung made the Nexus 10, that on paper sounded great but in real life nobody wanted to buy, it’s time for ASUS to go stock with Android 4.4 and a big resolution 10 inch screen. I just hope they bring their usual A game in design, camera and audio, where they always excel. The problem is that it’s hard to stand out in this sea of tablets and since 7 inch models are basically 70% of 80% of sales, the new 10 incher may be dead before it’s even out…


3) iPad 5

The iPad 5 will be the first 9.7 inch Apple tablet to stray from the usual design and go really, really slim and compact. It will adopt the iPad Mini design, only larger and it will probably have an Apple A7x CPU of sorts. Don’t be surprised if there’s a gold version, 64 bit CPU and fingerprint scanner on board. Also, the Cupertino company has the habit of surprising people with extra features, so maybe a crazy good camera and 4K resolution screen will be included. Overall, I don’t expect many surprises here. By the way, the product could launch this month with a bit of luck.


2) Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2

This product has been rumored for a very long time and usually rumors about it go hand in hand with the Maxi iPad, a rival 12 inch slate from Apple. Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 is supposed to be the most powerful Android tablet ever and finally a true and REAL replacement for a laptop. It’s supposed to give you all the firepower of a Windows PC, all the cool productivity features of the S Pen and associated apps and some cool drawing features too. It must have a kickass CPU setup, a killer Exynos Octa with real 8 core processing, 3 GB of RAM, plenty of storage and the latest in Android and TouchWiz. A big resolution wouldn’t hurt…


1) iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini 2 will be a major game changer, especially with a powerful CPU and Retina Display. It will sell like hot cakes and basically make us forget any other 7 inch tablet out there. It would instantly kill the Galaxy Note 8.0, LG G Pad 8.3, Tegra Note, Nexus 7 2013 and carve into their sales big time. If Apple manages to stick to the $329 price tag or even lower it, than it all goes crazy. This product may end up selling better than any iPhone and if rumors saying we may get colourful cases are real, then the Christmas will bring Apple billions with this tablet alone. Unless it launches in 2014…

So, which one of these models has you excited? Why? Which one are you going to buy? I’m thinking about the iPad Mini 2, but maybe with a trade in program, since I own the iPad Mini 1.