Tim Cook took the stage yesterday to announce the iPhone 4S, but he did have time to praise the allmighty iPad one more time, before starting the announcement. As you might know, the device is pretty sought after in hospitals in the USA, 80% of the top institutions preferring Apple tablets to other models.

92% of the Fortune 500 companies also picked the iPad to serve their purposes. Tim Cook also shared that 3/4 of all tables sold in the world are all iPads, although the percentage from last year went down a bit in 2011 because of the avalanche of Android slates. The iPad is a mere 18 months old and already it’s kicking behinds and taking names. Imagine what the iPad 3 will start…

Yesterday we also had the occasion to learn that Apple has sold 250 million iOS devices so far and you’ve read right, sold, not shipped, since the first iPhone debuted in 2007. This puts them at 5% of the world’s phone market with the handset, while the tablets we already discussed. The key for success are the 500k iOS apps, great marketing and … Steve Jobs. Will they handle the pressure of new competition without him?

  • nik

    “Tim Cook also shared that 3/4 of all TABLES sold in the world are all iPads”, must be damn a good carpenter to sell so many TABLES or an excellent con man!!! ;D