With everyone talking about the iPhone 5, that’s coming this Fall, some have forgotten that we might see a new iPad being launched this holiday season. We’ve been hearing rumors about a launch of this kind for a while now and this time we also get a pricing pattern.

The new iPad, that’s supposedly packing a Retina Display will get the current price point of the iPad 2, as the latter is discontinued. The info comes from Taiwan Economic News, reporting that the third gen iPad will take over the iPad 2 price points. This move is similar to the one applied to the first iPad, that was discounted by $100 when the iPad 2 launched.

This is a logical move, as it cleans up the inventory and makes room for the new product. The report coming form Asia also mentions that the iPad 3 will come by Thanksgiving and we’re expecting more of an upgrade to the second iPad than a totally new product.