Even if currently on the market Dell is selling the Venue 8 Pro tablet, device that was launched back in late 2013, it seems that now the company is making some upgrades to the Venus 8 Pro range of devices with a couple of small updates. These new versions are now sold on the Dell site, while in November is expected a new cheaper variant.


This new Dell Venue 8 Pro brings a 8-inch display with a 1.280 x 800 pixels, 1 GB of RAM, 32 or 64 GB space of storage, Windows 8.1 and a Intel Atom Z3745D processor. This last component is the main change in the tablet configuration, chip that is pretty much similar to Atom Z3740D, but that brings support for higher graphics burtt frequencies.

We get to know that right now, Amazon Germany is taking pre-orders for the new Dell Venue 8 Pro that is priced at $200 and will be shipped on November 4. What do you think about this new arrival?