Dell announced today that it has stopped selling Android devices, or better said Android tablets and it intends to focus on Windows 2 in 1 models in the future. They are also stopping the software update cycle for current Android models.


The company also cans the Wyse Cloud Connect, a thumb size computer, that turns a display into a PC. There’s a reason for this, as the Dell representatives claim that the tablet market is oversaturated and demand from consumers is declining, so that’s why the decision was made. It’s too bad that this is happening, since Dell had some solid devices in its portofolio, with Android, like the Venue 8 7000, with an OLED screen and 3D RealSense camera.

It also has several 2 in 1 units, that are solid, but those are Windows material. In the end Android was just an experiment for Dell and a much too small market share for their products to matter. Dell will be selling Chromebooks too and XPS and Precision laptops with Ubuntu. The move from Android is also a move to profit, as those devices weren’t very pricey, while the Windows ones are.