Apple continues its fight with Adobe, concerning Flash technology and the newest stage in this fight is a list of sites that are iPad-friendly. Nowadays, if you want your site to be successful it has to be compatible with the iPhone and iPad, it seems, at the expense of Flash technology. Apple’s list of sites includes CNN, Reuters, Vimeo, Time, The New York Times, Major League Baseball, The White House, Sports Illustrated, Virgin America, Flickr, TED and People Magazine.

To have your site included, all you need to do is make it support HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, or all three of them. The main focus of this list is having famous sites available, with them being able to play video thanks to HTML5 implementation. There’s also a form out there, used by site owners to let Apple know that their product is optimized for the iPad.

Believe it or not, Google and YouTube, plus a few other major online players aren’t part of the list, but we know that Google works well on the iPad. Can we call this list of websites… pretentious?

[via slashgear]