TCL made the headlines this week by unveiling 3 brand new foldables, of which two are absolute premieres. One of them is a rollable and extendable machine, one is a tri fold slate and one is a clamshell of sorts. The tri fold model has two hinges and looks like an accordion. We check them out below.

What was previously known as a batch of concept phones has become a set of real products, even though they still lack launch dates. The most interesting of the bunch is for sure the pull out phone, that involves a rollable and extendable mechanism. It has a thickness of 9 mm and an AMOLED panel that expands from a 6.75 inch diagonal to a 7.8 inch one. When it’s not being used, a motor-driven sliding panel uses next gen mechanisms to hide the flexible screen, says TCL.

TCL also promises there’s no visible crease on the screen or any sorts of wrinkles, but I’ll believe it when I’ll see it, to be honest. The device also has an adaptive UI, that changes depending on the format you’re using. TCL is also working on putting fibers inside, that keep the dust and particles out.

The tri fold smartphone has a 6.65 inch screen with a 20.8:9 aspect ratio and it expands to 10 inches when fully unfolded via 2 hinges. One folds inwards and the other outwards. TCL apparently made both, DragonHinge and ButterflyHinge. The Chinese firm also makes it own screen panels. There’s apparently no gap between hinges. TCL also implemented a “multidimensional shine with a 3D holographic finish”. TCL highlights these are concept phones, but they’re also the for future products.

It’s all fun and games till we see a product in stores.