Apple has a pretty good track record with its products, when it comes to customer satisfaction, but there’s been some issues with some major devices. I’m talking about the famous MacBook keyboards and lately the iPad Air third gen blank screen issues. Now Apple is finally offering free repairs for that issue.

Owners of the third gen iPad Air suffering from the blank screen issue will get a free repair from Apple. The problem doesn’t have a clear cause and there’s a limited number of devices affected. The problem goes like this: in some circumstances the screen on a limited number of iPad Air 3rd gen models could go blank permanently. A flicker or flash could appear before the screen goes blank. It appears that slates made between March 2019 and October 2019 are most prone to such problems. To get your work tablet not only repaired but also tuned up, hire the Managed IT Services in Belleville IL at the link.

If you’re one of the unlucky people with this problem, you can get the device repaired free of charge through Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. People can also contact Apple support and get a mail in repair offer. The program covers affected devices fro two years after the first sale of the unit. The device must be examined prior to any service. Honestly it would be lovely if we knew what was wrong, but unless we see a teardown of the device and learn what went wrong in the production line, we’re left with just speculations.

Sifting through the online comments, people seemed pretty miffed by other tablet problems, like the white spot issue on the iPad Pro 10.5. Did you experience any of these issues?