Just like ports, connectors and all sorts of other technologies related to phones and tablets have been regulated and adapted to a specification, styli could have the same fate. Tablet and phone makers are now proposing an universal stylus specification.


The Universal Stylus Initiative is the one that encourages touchscreen device makers and software creators to support a new type of standardidzed peripheral interface. The USI standard 1.0 will measure stylus user characteristics, such as pressure, color and stroke width, then communicate those to the smartphone or tablet.

Developers are the ones most aided by the this, since it will help them create and port apps more easily. Plus the graphic design and drawing community, will certainly appreciate sharing the same type of tools and software. The Universal Stylus Initiative (USI 1.0) includes among its supporters big names like Dell, Lenovo, HP or Intel.

Handwriting recognition and analysis are something to take into account here, as well as photo editing. The USI standard defines the communication method between the stylus and the tablet/phone. Pressure levels are included, as well as other info. Standardized areas included stylus discovery, vendor extensions and more. USI products may come to market by the end of next year or early 2018.