I guess that mocking Apple is the thing to do nowadays, if you want a product to be successful… Maybe this is why the Tabco tablet was advertised using a bunch of lemmings (read humans with iPads or maybe Android slates) heading for certain death through fall. The solution? Stand out from the crowd and use a Tabco slate!

This teaser vid is entitled Lemmings and it shows some people with similar clothing using something that looks like an iPad, till salvation comes as the Tabco tablet. Sadly we can’t get a good look at the device that some say is actually a Nokia Meego unit with large diagonal. From we can see this seems like 10 inch unit, from the way it’s held…

Companies have pulled off revolutionary ads for tablets that have failed in the past as well. Motorola was getting cool during the Super Bowl with that 1984 ad, while Toshiba mocked Apple’s lack of Flash support and LG even crushed an apple in an Optimus Pad video. Will this supposed Nokia partner also fail after its epic virals? We’ll find out on August 15th, when the device is announced!

  • Deian Stancu

    Every tablet maker that mocked Apple was achiving other than expected. Instead of getting atention, people rushed an bought Ipads. Why? Because they did some foolish reverse psychology that hey were unaware of, you only make competition better if you throw stones at it….. Foolish Nokia.

  • Deian Stancu

    This is the most idiotic commercial ever, and the message is: no matter what manufaturer is, we are cattle, sheeps that dance and they sing, we buy their shit no matter how good or bad it is.
    We are all doomed as civilisation 🙁

  • Clbiggins83

    Looks like I will be waiting a while since this is such a BIG secret!