Microsoft must’ve dropped the ball or the turkey these days, when they found out that users were having problems with their Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. Apparently, overheating is an issue here and let’s dive into the complaints below.


Frustrated customers have been posting all over the Microsoft community forums, complaining that their devices are becoming hot when playing games or when running two applications at once. Both new models were affected by the problem, that seems to kill the screen. A Microsoft spokesman entered the forum debacle saying that Redmond was aware of the problems and was trying to fix them ASAP.

He said that Surface devices could dim the screen as the thermal temperatures rise, because of the CPU intensive activities like gaming. One Surface user posted that his screen became dark when merely surfing the web, without doing anything graphically demanding. Of course, I supposed that we’ll learn more about this on Monday, when the turkey will have been digested the thanks would have been given… but not to Microsoft.

  • ctitanic

    You made it sound as a plague that was recently discovered. Last week MS admitted that there is an issue in one of the NVIDIA drivers that monitors the temperature and that they are working in a fix. The issue is old, the same with some issues with the sound driver and display driver, all of them from NVIDIA. There is an update to be released on Dec 10 that should fix some of the drivers issues.