Since there are some screenshots floating on the interwebs, we might as well discuss the features that Windows 8.1 will bring us. Antoine Leblond, Corporate VP of Windows Program Management couldn’t confirm or deny these features, so he addressed part of them on his blog.


Windows 8.1 will be all about customization, apparently. The initial homescreen will allow you to use an image of your choice and even view presentations. Those could be memorized locally or loaded from SkyDrive. From what we understood, you can also access the webcam even without logging in. Microsoft has also tweaked the thumbnails in the new version of Modern UI.

You can now uninstall apps or resize thumbnails using the same tiles. All the applications installed by default will be updated, including the music app, that will offer new ergonomics. The SkyDrive app for Modern UI will store documents locally (some of them). Windows 8.1 will also allow you to multitasking 3 apps on the same screen, in multiscreen mode. Internet Explorer version 11 will be included in the update, being optimized for touch and a faster loading time.