We learned a few days ago that a new Galaxy Tab A slate was lurking at the regulatory agencies and now we discover more intel on those devices. The new series of midrange Galaxy Tab A slates is expected to come as soon as MWC 2019, together with the Galaxy S10 smartphones.

One of the new devices is codenamed Samsung SM-P205 and it’ll come with 32 GB of storage and a grey or black chassis. Galaxy Tab A 10.5 came a few months ago, so it’s due a follow-up. It proposes a 10.5 inch screen, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. We’d like to see Android Pie on the new tablet, plus maybe some stylus action, 3 or 4 GB of RAM and an Exynos CPU that has enough power for at least a Galaxy A6 or A8 model.

Galaxy Tab A units have always been battery beasts and we expect no less from this newcomer. The screen on time was impressive ever since the new model and if Samsung wants to compete with Huawei they could also throw in an array of 4 speakers and other multimedia goodies, like AKG or Dolby tuning. That may be reserved for the Galaxy Tab S series though.

I’d settle with a bright display and a newer Exynos CPU.