A few days ago the web was abuzz with the picture of a supposed Nexus 8, that was leaked in a KitKat promo on Google’s own website. The strange device had a very thin bezel and it was too big to be a Nexus 7 and too small to be a Nexus 10. And now the imaged has been changed to a Nexus 7…


Someone at Google may have spotted the confusion and replaced the pic with the one of the 2013 Nexus 7. You can tell by looking at the wider bezel in the image above. This doesn’t mean the Nexus 8 doesn’t exist, especially considering the recent leak of a mystery LG-V510 slate in the Bluetooth certification list, with sources saying it may be the Nexus 8.

Considering how subtle the change is, we could actually think that rumors about the Nexus 8 were right, but we’re in for a long wait till the product comes. After all, the Nexus Gem smartwatch hasn’t been revealed yet and neither has the new Nexus 10, so maybe Google is saving the trio that includes the Nexus 8 as well for later.