A long while before the foldable Samsung phone was unveiled, there were rumors it was going to be a limited edition of 100k units, available only in South Korea. With the device already announced, it’s time to see if there’s any future for the series.

It’s supposed to be a luxury niche product, or at least that’s how Samsung pushed it. Turns out that the product will have successors, actually two of them being in the pipeline. Bloomberg writes that Samsung wants to be the number one player in the foldable phone market. They have two upcoming foldable smartphones, maybe even with different formats and exploring new form factors.

They won’t just be Galaxy Fold 2.0 models. One of the future newcomers will adopt a clamshell format, very similar to the rumored Moto RAZR 2019. The other one is said to adopt the out folding format of the Huawei Mate X, which has received a bit of praise over the past week. Interestingly, Samsung sees its primary foldable market rival as Apple and not one of the companies that are already launching products, like Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo.

It’s also true that Apple has been covertly moving in the area, judging by the many patents we’ve seen of the device. Samsung declined to comment on the matter, but to me the whole story sounds legit. Hopefully, as generations of foldables evolve, prices also drop. Also Samsung hopefully gets the format right the next time.