As you know the latest figures related to the tablet market show that in Q3 Android passed iOS and Samsung and Lenovo made the decisive push. While Samsung doesn’t seem to have impressive models to throw against the iPad, or better said the iPad Mini, they’re still getting units sold through low prices. And next year they’ll do it better…


The company management and independent analysts are claiming that the South Korean company is on track to ship between 40 and 42 million slates this year. For next year they intend to reach 100 million units, according to Korean site ET News. They are already polling the supply chains for materials and parts to get the goal done.

A lot of the smartphone parts can be used for slates, so there will be no shortage of that, since Sammy is already making tons of handsets. Samsung has yet to impress in the 7 or 8 inch segment and while the Galaxy Note 8.0 seemed impressive earlier this year, it’s already a forgotten product now. In the meantime they’re exploring larger segments, like that rumored and leaked Galaxy Note 12.2, a 12 inch slate. Will they be able to deliver an instant hit in 2014?