In a world filled with IPS or TFT screen tablets, it’s nice to see some variation and some AMOLED slates. Samsung is preparing those, in an 8 inch and 10 inch version apparently. There’s a report from the Korean media saying that Sammy is working on these new models.


They will be launched alongside the Galaxy S5, so expect to catch a glimpse of the new Galaxy Tabs at MWC, CES or perhaps later on during the year 2014. Tablets with AMOLED displays will be higher end models, while the mass production units, those midrange and low cost slates will keep using LCD screens.

The mass production of the larger AMOLED panels needed for the new slates will start in early 2014. I expect here maybe a follow up to the Galaxy Note 8.0 and maybe even a newer version of a 10 inch note, although we’ve just had one launched not so many weeks ago. Then there’s also that 12-13 inch tablet we’ve been hearing so much about…