It appears that not only smartphones will benefit from those flexing panels that Samsung has prepared, but also tablets. The South Koreans have been working intensively on a new flexible AMOLED display technology for years now and they are ready to include their novelty on slates.


It all started by showcasing a curved smartphone display at CES 2011, then it evolved into Youm and other initiatives, that will turn into a commercial flexible phone next year and perhaps a tablet as well. Curved or flexible screens are the future and LG are also making leaps in this field. We’ve got the G Flex out there getting praised, so Samsung must do something to raise the bar.

The Samsung YOUM department has been developing flexible displays for some time now, but they’ve been having issues that stopped them for making a commercially viable product. Their first ever release was the Galaxy Round, met with modest reviews. Also, this product is not flexible, so we’re not there yet. It’s harder to developer a big flexible surface like a tablet surface, since there’s more to deform, tear and deteriorate, unlike a handset’s few inches…