There’s yet another leak today, once again with the Galaxy branding on, but not the Galaxy S III, but rather the Galaxy Nexus Tablet from Google. Of course, this is a mere render and it came out without any context at all. To me it looks just like the Huawei Mediapad, that we reviewed a while ago.

The red background of the device is kind of unusual, reminding me more of a Droid tablet from Motorola, than anything else. This looks very much like a 10 inch tablet, while the recent rumors all point towards an ASUS 7 inch slate and a very cheap one for that matter. Notice that the Android Market is still present, so the Google Play icon hasn’t taken its place, so there are many suspicious aspects. Specs, price, launch date are all mysteries right now and as I said this could be a mere render…

As you can see it has a varied array of ports, some slots, and Android 4.0 as the OS. Having Samsung also make the brand new tablet would make them definitively a partner for Google, while ASUS and the likes of HTC or Motorola will be neglected once again. I don’t really know where the name Galaxy came for this product… but it certainly doesn’t have that Samsung styling to it.

  • It looks like an edited photo. Market is the old name and Android 4.0 comes with Google Play as default, unless upgraded from Honeycomb or it’s a very old 4.0 ROM. 

    Besides, nobody said about the name Galaxy Nexus Tablet… maybe guys Pocketnow have been drinking too much. “Galaxy” is a Samsung brand and the maker for Google’s tablet is not Samsung.  Nexus gadgets are lower-end than S, SII and the upcoming S III, they lack SD slots have lower spec screens, etc. Samsung would never shot their own good phone/tablets sales.

    And it doesn’t look like Huawei either. That tablet is a whale, this one is at a diet.

  • 1stkorean

    if anything looks like that iCrap thing this wins hands down.

  • Mario Irelan

    samsung frickn sucks at updating ANYTHING. asus is really good thats the only tablet i will purchase. tablets are toys though