The US Patent & Trademark Office recently published two fresh patent applications from Samsung, covering some very interesting areas. I’m talking about flexible displays and ebooks. The main patent published refers to a flexible display device that will detect bending information and act accordingly.


The second patent relates to the page turning mechanism in future Ebook applications, in order to make them more realistic. The Samsung flexible display design shows a controller that will handle an image displayed on the screen based on a value detected by the sensor part. If the controller gets bending information detected by a sensor part, it performs a control to correct an image shown on the screen.

So basically, the UI adapts to the bent screen, this is it. Samsung claims that the display is flexible so it can be flexed, bent or rolled. It may output a screen desired by a user or serve as User interface that gets commands from the user. The touch display involves a dual layer capacitive type construction, with two Indium Tin Oxide panels involved. If you like to read between the lines, there’s a full batch of engineer/lawyer talk in the source link below.