Samsung is said to be preparing great (and flexible) things for next year, under the Galaxy X moniker, but those flexible technologies may expand into the tablet areas too. A recent patent has a new hint in that direction as it details a 3 in 1 device with a “stretchable display”.


The screen is an OLED one and the patent comes straight out of South Korea, so it’s legit. The panel can be curved in a variety of ways and even folded. The device can turn from phablet/tablet into a bracelet or smartwatch and even into a smaller smartphone. In its maximum expansion form it takes the shape of a slate, though.


It’s all in concept phase, as no specific device is clearly shown, but rather abstract sketches. A phone, tablet and smartwatch 3 in 1 sounds like a good idea and a foldable OLED has been tried out before, but without good yield and commercially viable results. Is it time for a Galaxy Tab X too?