Although we know that the relationship between Apple and Samsung has been tense recently, the two companies are excellent hardware partners and since LG Display has had some problems with the screens used on the iPads, Samsung is taking over for a while. Also, Samsung intends to showcase a new 10.1 inch display at the SID Display Week 2011 next week.

This newcomer supports a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, that instantly makes us think of a future iPad 3. This screen can be compared to the Retina Display on Apple’s iPhone 4, especially since Samsung’s 10.1 inch display shows 300 dpi and uses the PenTile technology, meaning that it uses up 40% less power.

Don’t expect this exact version of the screen to reach the iPad 3, since we have a feeling that Apple will keep using the 9.7 inch format, but a modified version could make the cut. PenTile technology was used on the Google Nexus One and it’s an approach that Apple hasn’t used till now. With even more power saving, what will the iPad 3 battery be? 12-14 hours?