I was surprised to find out that the iPad Air’s price is 20 euros bigger in Germany compared to Luxembourg, although the two countries are very close on the map. Price discrepancies for the just launched device were expected and here’s a more detailed view below.


Since today is November 1st, this is the date when the iPad Air goes on sale in 42 countries, with the basic price ranging from $498 in Canada or $659 in Germany. The new slate stands out through a more compact iPad Mini-like design, with a 7.5 mm thickness and 450 gram weight. In USA the product can be ordered for $499 in the lowest capacity version, at 16 GB, with WiFi only.


The price goes up to $629 for a 16 GB cellular model and even reaches $929 for a 128 GB iPad Air with 4G LTE. In Europe the cheapest iPad Air goes for $659, in Germany at least, while the most expensive one is $1197. In Japan the iPad Air costs just as much as in the US, while Canada holds the record for cheapest Air, at just $498.

The slate goes for $617 in France and $589 in China. So, did you get one?