As Strategy Analytics recently showed in a report, it seems that the tech giant Samsung Electronics saw a increased market share in the tablet market during the first quarter of this year. Samsung managed to get 22.6% of the global tablet PC market by selling 12.8 million units during January-March period.


This represents a 3.7 percentage points increase from the 18.9% market share recorded last year in the same period, when the company sold just 9.1 million tablets. Yet, Apple remains the number 1 tablet producer with a 28.9% market share. We find out that the american company it’s also encountering a 11.5% on-year due to the rise of the south-korean producer.

Strategy Analaytics also said that Samsung Electronics outpaced Apple in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Another producer from China who managed to ship a considerable number of tablet devices it’s Lenovo, a producer that accounted 4.1% of the market with 2.3 million tablet devices sold.