Recently, Morgan Stanley, a research company published a report about the world sales of the tablet devices, a market that doesn’t look very well now. Kay Huberty, an analyst of this company said that the initial growth forecast for the global tablet market in 2014 had been changed to 12% from 26%.


This new growth forecast stay behind the increasing penetration rates and in the lack of new and differentiated products available on the market. This slowdown of the tablet sales could help PC demand around the world, a market that it’s in a continous fall for years.

According to Kay Huberty, the tablet market will need new unique products, a section where producers must inovate their actual range of devices. As we saw, on the market showed up tablets with big displays, such as the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, devices that even they’re looking great and pack high-end components, can’t manage to make people buy them mostly because of the high price.