As we expected, Samsung debuted today the Galaxy W device, which is basically a huge phone. This one is a 7 inch handset that blurs the line between phones and tablets. The newcomer must not be confused with the W model from 2011, since its name is Samsung Galaxy W.


We’re dealing with a 7 inch smartphone that can be held with one hand for phone calls. Just like the devices in the Mega series, the specs are modest here and include a 720p display, an 8 megapixel camera and a quad core 1.2 GHz processor, as well as 16 GB of expandable storage. There’s a 2 MP front camera and the W only runs Android 4.3 sadly, instead of KitKat.

The price tag is unexpectedly steep for this model, priced at $489 off contract in Korea. I’m not sure if this model is meant for international release and Samsung could be expecting customers to see this as a two in one purchase. The design makes me think of the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite or maybe the Tab 4 7 inch model, but in a more compact version. I’m curious regarding the screen panel type, but we’ll learn that later on.