Generally it’s not a good sign that a freshly launched product got a price cut, especially not on the US market. If I’m not mistaking we’ve seen that happen with Surface tablets in the past and now the Samsung Galaxy View slate gets the same treatment.


This model is priced $100 less now, after going on sale for $600 for the WiFi model earlier this month. Afterwards it was announced that you could get the tablet in cellular version via AT&T priced at $500 if you signed a deal with the carrier. The price was still $600 off commitment. Now, the media consumption-focused device has had its priced knocked down to $500 in any circumstance, for the WiFi only model.

This pricing applies through a number of channels, like Samsung’s own website, Amazon, Best Buy and B&H. There’s no timer on discount luckily, but inventory shortages may occur. With Thanksgiving and NFL special games approaching many people may feel the need to carry the tablet by its handle around the house to watch some extra Family Guy or Scandal on the 18.4 inch screen and enjoy the power of the Exynos 7580 CPU.