Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has just arrived at our HQ for testing purposes and we already took the 7.7 inch slate for a spin. We tested its camera a bit, but before that we pulled it out of the box, in front of the camera, for you all to see. The unboxing video is shown below.

We’re dealing here with a very thin and light tablet that features a Super AMOLED Plus 7.7 inch display and a dual core 1.4 GHz processor of the Exynos kind. Both are very good specs, considering that the many rivals are only happy with a mere Tegra 2 CPU nowadays. The tablet feels perfect in the user’s hand, it’s very comfortable, light and ergonomic. Inside the white box of the 16GB 3G Galaxy Tab 7.7 we find a charger, an adapter, microUSB cable and headphones.

The tablet’s 3MP camera already impressed me today when I took it for a spin and the video capture was reasonably good. Over the next days I’ll be testing its social networking abilities, multimedia functions and trying to figure out if TouchWiz gets in the way of a decent use of the device or not.