Samsung has finally started rolling out the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet, the first Samsung AMOLED slate. This is still one of the most appealing slates on the market, as far as the friendly form factor is concerned.


Anyway, you should know that you can now update the 3G Galaxy Tab 7.7 by using Samsung Kies or OTA services. The update is only available in Asia, but it will be coming in more countries soon. The firmware is Android 4.1.2, with the date 22nd April 2013 and the region includes Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

There’s a screenshot above to confirm this update and by the way, you should probably expect somewhat of an update for this tablet, on the hardware side, as Samsung prepares new Galaxy Tab 3 models. So, did you get the update? How is it working for you?