Remember the recent screenshots leaked and showing the HTC Puccini tablet? This Honeycomb device also hit the FCC not so long ago, complete with a bunch of specs… Although the name seems to have been stuck for a while, don’t get too comfortable with Puccini, since the AT&T version of the tablet will be called HTC Jetstream in the end.

This 10 inch LTE tablet is the follow-up to the HTC Flyer, a not so successful unit, mostly because of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS it used. Also, some people weren’t too happy with buying its special stylus needed for the Scribe system separately and paying extra for it. We also expect a Sprint release of this model, most likely with the name EVO View 4G, according to speculations.

In Europe, Puccini might be called HTC Skyrocket, although that sounds a little bit childish to me, but the source of the info is a trademark filing from the old continent. We remind you that this is a 1.5GHz dual core processor slate we’re talking about, with an 8MP camera and customized Honeycomb experience.