Let’s get some chronology here: Samsung and Apple have been battling in court for over a year now, on patents and stolen designs. Apple insists that the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S devices copy the iPad and iPhone design respectively. Well, the Cupertino giant seems to have had a case in Germany, winning against the Galaxy Tab 10.1 model, that had to be redesigned by Samsung and launched as the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Then Apple sued Samsung again, this time for the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, but in the end Samsung won and now the product is cleared for sale.

It all happens in Germany, where Apple got the injunction against Samsung products and even had some new tablets removed from tech shows such as IFA 2012. Also in Germany Apple wasn’t happy with the Galaxy Tab 10.1N with modified bezel, speaker position and logo, so they wanted it banned as well. In the end, the court thought that the modifications were enough and allowed Sammy to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1N without problems, quoting clear differences in design between the revamped Galaxy Tab and the iPad, according to Reuters.

Samsung and Apple have been suing each other all over the globe, from Australia to Netherlands, from France to Korea and from the USA to Australia. The latter two allow Samsung to sell their Galaxy smartphones and tablets, in spite of Apple’s efforts, that at some point resulted in the temporary ban of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.