The iPad 3 has been getting a massive amount of coverage lately, from all the sites and blogs in the field and that’s because have a potential launch date and some leaked images of components apparently. You can see in this article the device’s supposed shell, the back case, the internal side of the case, some connectors and other hardware leaked online.

It all started on Wednesday when the supposed iPad 3 rear case appeared online and then Cult of Mac published high quality images of the same component plus a bunch of more parts. The hardware picture here shows important differences from the parts of the iPad 2, while the iPad 3 external look is very much the same as the one of the iPad 2. Japanese blog Macotakara has managed to get hold of an image that shows the 9.7 inch display panel with 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution, that’s supposed to be used with the Retina Display on the new iPad.

Rumors say that  we should expect the Apple A6 CPU to be on board, although they contradict each other with theories of quad core or dual core power. Anyway, I’m sure that even if this is a dual core CPU it will beat in performance and battery consumption any quad core CPU for tablets on the market. The real curiosity here is to see the Retina Display in action and also check out the cameras incorporated into the tablet, that must have evolved a long way by now.