Android has been applied to a lot of non phone or tablet devices, like robots, light bulbs, appliances and more. Car infotainment systems are included and the company Ca-Fi will release a new line of Dashlinq car head units, with this purpose.


They run Android, with all the features that come with that. We’re dealing with an unique that looks like the one pictured above, packed with Android 2.3, with a 800 x 480 6.95 inch multitouch display, SD card slot, optional WiFi and 3G, plus a USB port, Bluetooth and GPS. The car integration is also powerfully present here, with full steering wheel control support, dual zone support, a 9 band EQ setting, Digital Sound Processor (DSP) and full radio support.

The device is able to handle both calls and audio streaming via Bluetooth. Ca-Fi has set the pricing for the Dashlinq at $649 and its availability starts in January. I guess that the next step would be a quad core slate with higher features, right?