Mark your calendar with the date July 26th, that will represent yet another evolution in the history of Samsung tablets, as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 model will be available in the Verizon LTE flavor. Pre-orders will start shipping on that date, if you’re interested.

Reasons to dig this tablet? Well, it’s got the best camera on a slate, plus it’s got the fastest connectivity available on the market. This Honeycomb tablet has had its share of problems, with users reporting that the Limited Google I/O Edition had screen problems adn that some units were actually thicker than promised.

Now, we’re getting a skinny Android 3.x tablet and if you loved the WiFi unit, that the LTE is only a bonus for you. This tablet is still lacking Android 3.2, but the update that’s on Motorola Xoom is coming to Samsung too. Expect to see the LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1 in stores starting Thursday July 28th.