The British AndyPad tablet just got specced and priced ahead of the upcoming launch of the product. The device will come in two flavors: the standard unit and the Pro one. The basic AndyPad slate costs 129 quid, while the Pro will retail for 179 quid.

These are both Android 2.3 models with WiFi, 1.2GHz A8 CPU and 1080p HDMI. The basic AndyPad comes with 8GB of internal memory, a front camera, a resistive touchscreen with a 800 3x 380 pixel resolution. The Pro unit comes with 16GB of storage, a front and rear camera, 1024 x 600 pixel resolution on its capacitive screen and Bluetooth.

These are pretty cheap tablet models, considering the lower specced unit goes for the equivalent of $210. These models are pretty close in specs to the Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC Flyer, but the price is much lower. Would you buy them?