After accomplishing a beautiful YouTube and Google Maps app for iOS, now Google is ready to strike again, this time with a Google Now app for the iPhone and iPad. Although we have no product announcement, we did see a Google Now demo for the iOS devices leaked on YouTube and shown below.


The video has been pulled a short while after it was leaked, but it did manage to get downloaded and reposted by some folks in the process. If you pay attention, you’ll learn that the voice in the promo video sounds the same as the one from the official Google Now promotional videos. Also, the fact that it was pulled so fast makes it all the more believable.

According to the video, the iOS version of Google Now is as simple to use as swiping up to access it. It comes with all the goodies of the Android version, including contextual data cards and alerts. The leak comes after a teaser of Google Now on Chromium has also hit the web, meaning that we’ll get the service on the desktop as well. Excited to get this on the iPad?