Samsung Galaxy Note II is a very powerful phablet and everyone is singing its praise, but it appears that there’s much more to this device than meets the eye. Just remember that a few years ago, you thought that a PC with 2 GB of RAM was acceptable or actually a good one. Now we’ve got smartphones with 2 GB of RAM and they’re a common thing…

Samsung Galaxy Note II is used in the video below to replace a PC, simply by being connected to a Samsung LED display, a keyboard and mouse. It suffers from no lag, allows you to play NOVA 3 easily, post comments on YouTube, move around YouTube videos and even play with the S Note. The Note II is connected to a 29 inch Samsung monitor using a MHL Samsung adapter and a HDMI cable.

In the mix there’s also an Apple wireless QWERTY keyboard and Magic Mouse. Multitasking is doable here and the only time lag was present was when four flash videos were running at the same time. I must also mention that there was a comparison test, one that Galaxy Note failed: copying and pasting stuff using the Dolphin Browser and a picture of a cat and lettuce. This time, on the Galaxy Note II it worked, so thankfully copy and paste anything you want. So, it has come to this: a huge smartphone is a very nice PC replacement… Do you agree?

  • sdrgms

    Samsung is still trying do copy everything from Apple and never gets a better product. I’m just no a fan from this brand but still, the samsung galaxy note falls way behind comparing to other products – – specially when we talk about the OS.

  • Peter L

    Nice work Cold Fustion. I was hoping to skip replacing my stolen laptop with a nice tablet/phone and now I see it is feasible. Android is amazing. Not just technically but because it doesn’t have a heavy commercial agenda like MS or Apple products. I doubt you’d see those companies sacrificing their cash-cows for progress.