On the occasion of Black Friday 2012, there were several Android apps that got price reductions. Among them we find Swiftkey Tablet, that’s now available for 50% cheaper, going for $2.30. SwiftKey has a great text prediction system, a ton of customization options and a very user friendly interface.

The keyboard will become more accurate as you use more and more and it comes with a feat called Smart Space. This one will detect mistyped and omitted spaces during strings of sloppy types. It’s probably a good idea to get the tablet keyboard app from Google Play store, since in the Amazon App Store it goes for $3.99. SwiftKey 3 Tablet handles the sloppiest of typing, turning missed spaces and letters into coherent phrases. It supports dozens of languages and learns the words and phrases your use.

You can even personalize it using the Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog posts. The app takes up around 6 MB of storage and it got some nice awards like the Webby Awards People’s Voice Winner for Innovation 2012 or the MWC award for innovation. You can get it from here, while the reduction lasts.