Samsung Galaxy Note II has just received an update to make it an even cooler gadget, although it’s perceived as one of the coolest products out there. Samsung has been offering pretty fast updates lately and now it’s pushing Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean to the international and LTE versions of the Note II.

This update brings several interesting improvements such as new notification toggles, customizable notification toggles and a brightness slider than can now be disabled. You can also disable Multi View and the update gives you browser improvements, the status bar becomes black and the keyboard supports continuous input. There’s a new Ink effect on the lockscreen and there’s also a new Group Cast app.

The rollout will be gradual as usual, so folks in Poland and Sweden should be among the first to receive the software. You can resort to Samsung Kies on desktop if you really can’t wait and as usual we invite you to detail your experience with the fresh update in the comments section below. Did you get it? Did it enhance the device’s performance? What else?