It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will have a dual SIM version and it has just been pictured, after a test session for China Unicom’s WCDMA 3G network. This is the Snapdragon 800 version of the device and we’ve got some benchmarks below.


Chinese buyers of the phablet will have 4 versions of the Note 3 to choose from. The version shown here is probably the one that most customers will pick. The product relies on a Snapdragon MSM8974 2.2 GHz CPU (Snapdragon 800) and it comes with Android 4.3 and 2.5 GB of RAM, apparently, although we knew of 3 GB.

The device scores an impressive 31k points in AnTuTu and I can’t wait to also see the Exynos version’s scores. With a bit of luck we’ll get to see yet another series of Note 3 versions, once the real 8 core Eyxnos CPUs are out, since they’ve been recently announced by Samsung.