The Sony Xperia Z Ultra impresses through its Full HD 6.44 inch display, but also through a slim waistline of just 6.5 mm. The product is available in Asia and Europe right now and it can be considered “the thinnest Full HD smartphone on the market”.


Sony itself praised the device and claims it was put together with compact size in mind. The idea was to make the screen panel screen large enough to provide a good visual experience and still pack in high end technology. The battery is incredibly thin at just 3 mm in thickness and there’s a copper sheet inside that’s as thick as the size of a human hair.

Said sheet is used between the main board and the display to regulate temperature. We’ve got an infographic here, detailing some of the ideas behind the product and we learn that Sony’s target was a 5+ inch device when it was in concept phase last year. Then it was fixed at 6.44 inches and a target of 91 mm in width. Machine cut aluminum panels were also brought to the scene for a more premium feel. But more of that in the source link below…